Intracel by Abbotsbury is a new venture for Abbotsbury Engineering, to support the large number of existing users of the very successful TSS20 Ovodyne Electroporator and the EP21 Current Amplifier.


In the late 1990’s, scientists found ways to successfully transfect certain types of DNA by means of electroporation using low voltage square wave pulses.

This method was vastly different from more common high voltage methods, and there were few instruments available that would allow a scientist to set up and repeat the new procedures methodologies.

A modified version of an existing instrument (Intracel TSS10) had been used, with some success, to electroporate some chick embryos. This led to the development of a dedicated instrument.

Development of the TSS20,  EP21 and Accessories

Tim Scott, of Intracel Ltd, led the way on the product development, and Dennis O’Carroll of Abbotsbury Engineering Ltd developed the instruments we now sell as the TSS20 and the EP21.

Since inception in 2001, the TSS20 has been used in an ever-widening range of electroporation procedures on various types of animal embryos and embryonic tissue.

A number of accessories including electrodes, electrode holders and simple manipulators have also been developed for use with the equipment.

Looking to the future

Abbotsbury plan to:

  • Continue to support existing users of Intracel equipment.
  • Continue to develop new products to meet the emerging needs of new scientists working in the field of low voltage electroporation.
  • Continue to collaborate with others to find new markets for our products and processes.
Intracel products are designed, manufactured and distributed by Abbotsbury Engineering Ltd.